Monday, August 30, 2010

A Mermaid day dream

I've just fiished my new painting based in a mexican leyend

Here is the mexican Leyend:

Before the earth was made, the Gods gathered in Teotihuacan.

"Who will light up the earth?" - they asked.
An arrogant god name Tecuciztécatl, said: "I will take care of it".
The the other Gods asked: "Who else want to make this commitment?". Everybody looked at each other, but no one took upon.
"You can be the other one who can light up" - they said to Nanahuatzin, who was a ugly God, humble and quiet. He obeyed with pleasure.
After 4 days, the Gods gathered again around the fire.
They will witness the sacrifice of Tecuciztécatl y Nanahuatzin. Then said:
- "Tecuciztécatl! ¡Get in the fire! and he tried, but was afraid.
He tried 4 times, but he didn't plunge into the fire
Then the Gods said:
-"Nanahuatzin! ¡Now you can try!" - This God closed his eyes, and plunged into the fire.
When Tecuciztécatl saw that Nanahuatzin plunged into the fire, was ashamed with his cowardice and he threw himself into the fire.
The Gods looked the East and said:
- "From there Nanahuatzin will appeared as the Sun"-. An was true. Nobody can look at it because was to shiny and the eyes hurt.
He glowed and then Tecuciztécatl appeared as the Moon.

Aqui esta la leyenda mexicana:

Antes de que hubiera día en el mundo, se reunieron los dioses en Teotihuacan.
-¿Quién alumbrará al mundo?- preguntaron.
Un dios arrogante que se llamaba Tecuciztécatl, dijo: -Yo me encargaré de alumbrar al mundo.
Después los dioses preguntaron: -¿Y quién más? -Se miraron unos a otros, y ninguno se atrevía a ofrecerse para aquel oficio.
-Sé tú el otro que alumbre -le dijeron a Nanahuatzin, que era un dios feo, humilde y callado. y él obedeció de buena voluntad.
Luego los dos comenzaron a hacer penitencia para llegar puros al sacrificio. Después de cuatro días, los dioses se reunieron alrededor del fuego.
Iban a presenciar el sacrificio de Tecuciztécatl y Nanahuatzin. entonces dijeron: -¡Ea pues, Tecuciztécatl! ¡Entra tú en el fuego! y Él hizo el intento de echarse, pero le dio miedo y no se atrevió.
Cuatro veces probó, pero no pudo arrojarse
Luego los dioses dijeron: -¡Ea pues Nanahuatzin! ¡Ahora prueba tú! -Y este dios, cerrando los ojos, se arrojó al fuego.
Cuando Tecuciztécatl vio que Nanahuatzin se había echado al fuego, se avergonzó de su cobardía y también se aventó.
Después los dioses miraron hacia el Este y dijeron: -Por ahí aparecerá Nanahuatzin Hecho Sol-. Y fue cierto.
Nadie lo podía mirar porque lastimaba los ojos. Resplandecía y derramaba rayos por dondequiera.
Después apareció Tecuciztécatl hecho Luna.
En el mismo orden en que entraron en el fuego, los dioses aparecieron por el cielo hechos Sol y Luna.
Desde entonces hay día y noche en el mundo.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Inspired by Mexico

What color is Mexico?

Mexico is a vibrant place, sparkling colors can be found everywhere.

It's red as chili, gold like the ancients treasures and blue like the waters of the gorgeous beaches of Mexico.
All my arts and crafts are inspired by Mexico as some etsians fellows.
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rievra wedding shrine by mexicancolors

Eternal Love shrine by MyMayanColors


Bride and Mustachioed Groom print by FlowerOfTheDead

.Our Lady of Guadalupe Felt Softie by SaintlySilver

Frida in orange by aogcrochet

 As you see all the colors are so vibrant, impress in you vitality and happiness.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mexican Colors now on Latin Pop Shop

I'm been honored to be part of this team, featuring so talented artist and crafters.
John Gascot says : "Artist-created, Latin Pop Shop is a brand new online retail gallery specializing in Latino, Latino-American and Latin-themed arts and handmade gifts."

Latin Pop Shop is committed to supporting the growth and preservation of Latin culture by way of promoting creative Latino and Latina individuals, fairly, in an effort to help them make a living doing what they love and are naturally gifted at.

Please visit:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My scrapbook party

This saturday I celebrated my 32 birthday, although my birthday is on July 21 I organized it until this week.
We had so much fun, most of my friends come and spent great time together.

I made all the decoration from Paper Glitter Ladybug Party kit and looked so nice. I had a Happy Birthday banner, cupcake tags, napkings holders, etc.

The food was really delicious, I ordered from FreshWorks: Tasty sandwiches and a Fiesta Salas. So yummy!!!
I also prepared a fanstastic Minted Watermelon Salad that a got ir from Real Simple Magazine. Here is the recipe:

Serves 4

Total Time: 10m

1.Cut up a quarter of a medium watermelon (about 2 pounds) and arrange on a plate.
2.Sprinkle with ¼ thinly sliced red onion, ½ cup torn fresh mint leaves, and ¼ teaspoon each kosher salt and black pepper.

Recipe from Real Simple Magazine August 2010

I gathered my closest friends and had fun making a scrapbook layout. I asked Liz Mullen (Scrapilicious Life) a great scrapbook teacher to come and teach us how to make this. I'm a new scrapbooker and for my friends was the first time taking one, so we had a fun and productive time making a happy birthday page.

Being with my dearest friends was my best gift!!!. I have to be thankful with God for allow me to meet wonderful families and people that enrich my life in so many ways, all my family is in Mexico but I have built a big one here.


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