Thursday, February 17, 2011

The process of creating

Creating is bringing something to life. An artistic creation is full of  flights of imagination, of big surprises until the piece is finished.
The process is complicated as in your mind exists and comes to life from the nothing. You take pieces of existing objects and transform in a unique human expresion.
As an arists, I want to share with you the process of my new creation: "The mexican rag dolls".

1. First I like to sketch and then transfer it to the canvas. I love the Blick art mixed media panels as the paint colors remain true and brilliant on the surface.

2. My favorite part, starting to add the colors. I used watercolor crayons as a base and then the acrylics colors. Final I make the shading with ocre and brownish colors. You can see the difference from the finished face and the one wih the base only.

3. Now add more details with the acrylics colors and graphite pencil for shading. This will end in a beautiful painting don't you think?

4. An here is the final result of my creating process. I love the brilliant and colorful painting with the Mexican Rag dolls. This painting was made upon request and will be hanging in the room of a little princess.

Well I hope you enjoy the journey in this creation of my latest painting.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday of treasuries

Hi everyone,
  This week was a little odd, I broke my toe hitting it with the door and now I realize how important is it. I can't walk, and my life is slowing down because this issue.
  Whatever, I will get better in 6 weeks, meanwhile I want to share some great treasuries I've been featured.
Enjoy them

1. Frida Kahlo


3. All Mexico needs is Peace!

4. Take Care Of My Heart, I've Left It With You


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