Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi I'm Fridita, a little peg doll.
My mommy made me with love and care, she spent almost 2 hours in my creation.

I'm so cute and little, I measure just 2 inches.

A future famous painter

My older daughter is 5 and she look at me and says "Mommy I want to paint like you". So this August I want to enroll her in painting classes, so she has a formal education in fine art, something that I didn't have.

She is always painting cute things, she arrives from preschool and  run to her room to paint and paint with her crayons. So the other day she took my camera and took picture of what she done. She told me: "Jus as you mommy yo take picture of your painting and you can upload in internet and you can sell it, I would like 1000 dollars". I said ok baby, so here is her painting

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another painting Sold

I love to paint Frida, so here it's another that has been sold through my etsy store.


Miranda a little Mermaid

This is my baby of 15 months, she is very mischievous and active. At the end of the day I'm exhausted of taking care of her, but I'm so pleased to be her mom, she is very funny and make me laugh so much (although my face has to be serious so she won't think that being naughty is nice)

She started 3 weeks ago her swimming class and I took this picture of her in the water.
She is so cute!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Father's Day present

This weekend was phenomenal!
Sunny but not to hot, actually, is strange that in California during summer we have days with 80° when usually we reached 100° or more in past years.
For celebrating Father's day, we hosted a party pool and invited some of our friends. The kids had fun and we just relax.

I made some funny greeting cards and painted a painting to our friend Jose. He has a very cute family and he has been very nice since we arrived here, so I decided to make something special for him and his family.

This is my sketch for the paining

This is the final result, the painting of the all family. My friend Jose own a business of cactus plants, visit his web page, the plants are amazing : Joe's Cactus Mart

Monday, June 14, 2010

Get inspired!

Hi everyone, I've been so busy with all my orders placed in my etsy site ( and through I've sent paintings to Australia, Switzerland, Texas, NY and here in California.
So I'm so happy that my creativeness thrives and have so many images in my mind to portray in my paintings. I just need time and with the little princesses around sometimes is difficult but not impossible.

For getting inspired I just start remembering my childhood and the images comes instantly and now it happen that in fashion the mexican culture flourish. I went last week to buy some dresses to the nearest mall and found a lot of Mexicalli style blouses. I just loved them, so sure I'll paint a Frida with this cute outfits, they will be so fashioned.

I'm posting an image of how a paint, so you'll learn a little bit of the creative process.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm so exited for creating my blog, I have always wanted to, but I was always busy with the girls and the business. The first year of my baby I spent it enjoying her, every cue, every achivement I was there.
But now at she has almost 15 months, I have time to start posting what is in my mind and to share a little of me with the world.

So welcome to Mexican Colors blog where you can add color to your life

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