Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open your wings

For the last 2 weeks I'm reading a book named Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. I bought it at Michael's store for learning the mixed media technique, but as I read it I discover an amazing book that encourage to follow your dreams. Well, I want to share with you all this .

We as a creative soul face with obstacles and shadows that don't let us, sometimes, thrives as we grew as an artist. She talks a lot of taking a flight, to open your wings and free your creativiness, sometimes your daily chores and activities don't let you find the way to liberate your spirit, you demand more time to make your projects or even the money fact bury your dreams.

When I was young my dream was to have a craft store in Mexico City, but at that time I needed to work in an office to pay all the bills and that was what is supposed to happen after I graduated from College as a Computer Engineer degree. So that dream was far away from my reality then, I looked for a place to sell, but everything was so expensive or just I didn't like the places.

Now that dream came true, I have my virtual shop. I work in what I love more: painting and crafting, I applied all the acknowledge I got at college and I still have plenty of time for raising my girls. How a wonderful live, dont you think?!!!!

So don't leave your dreams inside a drawer, open your wings, free your creativity and start your own flight.

"The beauty can grow even in the toughest situation"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New purses and totes

Adding more stuff to my etsy shop and website, I started designing my oilclothes totes and purses that are perfect for the market and beach as they are water resistant.
So colorful as my art, this are my first project I made with my sewing machine my hubby gave me on Mother's day.



With a magnet clasp, and a front bag this is perfect for carry little things to the beach, averything will be safe here

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday was the first art class of my little painter and she just loved it.
All her kinder teacher had told me that she is very artistic, she always want to draw and paint and give them to her love ones.

So that brought me on my mind about how I discovered I like to paint and craft.  When I was a little girl, just like my daughter, I suffered asthma so I always got sick and stayed home with my grandma. so for enterteinmeint, she gave me one painting book and everyday she taught me how to paint nicely, with shadows and contrast, so that was my first approach to art. Later during my childhood I always showed to have skills for painting and even in school projects, some teachers didn't believed I made everything by myself.

My dad also love to draw with markers, I always asked him to make me one draw and then I colored it.

But my biggest influence was and is my grandpa, he is the most meticulous person I've ever met. He is always fixing things and crafting. He makes tin crafts, puzzles and glass figurines. When I was young all the crazy ideas I had he helped me to make them, and taught me how to come an artistic person, to be patient and to print all the love you have in all you make.

My mom couldn't afford an art class, in Mexico city was so expensive. I only took 1 month of Bob Ross technique class and helped a little bit.
Now that I'm a mom I really want that if my princess show interest in it, she can have an fine art education.

Now tell me your history, how you became an artist and crafter?

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi everyone, for this month and just because is my birthday month I will give you totally FREE one of my PRINTS (4 x 6).

Choose 1 from the 3 above

Here are the rules of the games:
The person who earns more points from 7/8/2010 - 7/20/2010 will win

1. Follow this blog (earn 1 point)
2. Post comments in my blog (earn 1 point)
3. Heart my esty shop (earn 2 points)  and leave a comment
4. Become a fan on facebook (earn 1 point)   and leave a message with your facebook user
5. Post a comment in my Mexican Colors website (earn 2 points) .

Please be sure to leave your email address an all your comments and post
On July 21st, my BIRTHDAY I will give the results of who won!!!

Well I thought I would have more audience for this giveaway, it was a great deal, right?
So far I have the results:

Ignacio --> 3 points WINNER!!!!
Liz --> 2 points
Ivetopaint --> 1 point

Thanks to participate, keep in touch for my next giveaway

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Fridas

I'm painting and painting Fridas, this are my latest art pieces.


Frida with mexican rag doll: This is an acrylic painting with paper flowers.
Is so cute and colorful as all my paintings, I particular love this Frida, I was a little sad when I was painting it, because my PC was sick and a I felt so frustated for not fix the problem (I'm a computer engineer) but finally I took my pencil, my canvas and started with the sketch. This was the result!
After finishing I felt so good, and finally solved the problem of my computer.


Maybe you are asking "Why Frida in Christmas is the middle of the summer season?". Well as I am a ETSY seller, they are encouraging to make special sales in this month so I decided to make a Frida with this theme. Is cute don`t you think?

Frida Kahlo's Birthday

Today is Frida Kahlo birthday, she would turned 103 years old.
She was born, as me, in Mexico city on July 7th 1910 although her birth certificate showed July 6th 1907, just because she wanted that her birth date could coincide with the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution.

Pradoxically, her life was a Revolution, and since she was little she suffered so much.
At age 6 she got sick from polio, and the sequelaes last forever.
On September 17, 1925, when she was 18, she was riding a bus in Mexico City when it was struck by a trolley car. A metal handrail pierced her abdomen, exiting through her vagina. Her spinal column was broken in three places. Her collarbone, some ribs, and her pelvis were broken, and her right leg was fractured in 11 places. Her foot was dislocated and crushed. No one thought she would live, much less walk again, but, after a month in the hospital, she went home.

Frida let out all of her emotions on a canvas. She painted her anger and hurt over her stormy marriage, the painful miscarriages, and the physical suffering she underwent because of the accident.

Today we remember this incredible woman.


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