Monday, June 14, 2010

Get inspired!

Hi everyone, I've been so busy with all my orders placed in my etsy site ( and through I've sent paintings to Australia, Switzerland, Texas, NY and here in California.
So I'm so happy that my creativeness thrives and have so many images in my mind to portray in my paintings. I just need time and with the little princesses around sometimes is difficult but not impossible.

For getting inspired I just start remembering my childhood and the images comes instantly and now it happen that in fashion the mexican culture flourish. I went last week to buy some dresses to the nearest mall and found a lot of Mexicalli style blouses. I just loved them, so sure I'll paint a Frida with this cute outfits, they will be so fashioned.

I'm posting an image of how a paint, so you'll learn a little bit of the creative process.

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