Monday, April 25, 2011

Time for craft fairs

Since last month I've been displaying my work on some local Art and Craft Fairs.
As you know, I not only have my art business, I also own a jewelry and hair clips business.
I started first because I love bows and hair clips and some of them were really expensive. So I decided to buy some supplies and made my own for my litle ones.
I gave them also as party favors and as birthday presents of the little girls of my friends. They insisted so much that I should sell them that I thought 'Why not?', and here I'm running two business of what I love most: using my hands to make art and crafts.

I enjoy to be at fairs where I have a close relationship with my customers and I've made a circle of crafts friends. My little assistant (my older daughter) also loves to go and she is now so well known and loved by the other vendors.

Here are some photos of my latest show

And I'm so excited because there I met a great person who invited me to this SPRING Fair this coming May 1st. I will be displaying not only my clippies, also part of my art work.

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  1. I found your art work on Etsy,love all the colors you use!



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