Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open your wings

For the last 2 weeks I'm reading a book named Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. I bought it at Michael's store for learning the mixed media technique, but as I read it I discover an amazing book that encourage to follow your dreams. Well, I want to share with you all this .

We as a creative soul face with obstacles and shadows that don't let us, sometimes, thrives as we grew as an artist. She talks a lot of taking a flight, to open your wings and free your creativiness, sometimes your daily chores and activities don't let you find the way to liberate your spirit, you demand more time to make your projects or even the money fact bury your dreams.

When I was young my dream was to have a craft store in Mexico City, but at that time I needed to work in an office to pay all the bills and that was what is supposed to happen after I graduated from College as a Computer Engineer degree. So that dream was far away from my reality then, I looked for a place to sell, but everything was so expensive or just I didn't like the places.

Now that dream came true, I have my virtual shop. I work in what I love more: painting and crafting, I applied all the acknowledge I got at college and I still have plenty of time for raising my girls. How a wonderful live, dont you think?!!!!

So don't leave your dreams inside a drawer, open your wings, free your creativity and start your own flight.

"The beauty can grow even in the toughest situation"


  1. and I will be right there with you..helping you fly very high.. I love you baby.... Nacho

  2. You are my support, with out you this wouldn't happened
    I love you too, so much.



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