Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday was the first art class of my little painter and she just loved it.
All her kinder teacher had told me that she is very artistic, she always want to draw and paint and give them to her love ones.

So that brought me on my mind about how I discovered I like to paint and craft.  When I was a little girl, just like my daughter, I suffered asthma so I always got sick and stayed home with my grandma. so for enterteinmeint, she gave me one painting book and everyday she taught me how to paint nicely, with shadows and contrast, so that was my first approach to art. Later during my childhood I always showed to have skills for painting and even in school projects, some teachers didn't believed I made everything by myself.

My dad also love to draw with markers, I always asked him to make me one draw and then I colored it.

But my biggest influence was and is my grandpa, he is the most meticulous person I've ever met. He is always fixing things and crafting. He makes tin crafts, puzzles and glass figurines. When I was young all the crazy ideas I had he helped me to make them, and taught me how to come an artistic person, to be patient and to print all the love you have in all you make.

My mom couldn't afford an art class, in Mexico city was so expensive. I only took 1 month of Bob Ross technique class and helped a little bit.
Now that I'm a mom I really want that if my princess show interest in it, she can have an fine art education.

Now tell me your history, how you became an artist and crafter?

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  1. What a great story!
    I started crafting very early on. My mom and grandmother were crafters and artists, and I don't remember a time that I ever didn't want to make something. My dad is a great artist, too, and made me want to learn how to draw. The only time I wasn't making something was when I had my nose in a book.
    At 13, I decided I wanted to start selling some of my jewelry and wire bookmarks, and it's just been a family business ever since. :)



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