Monday, September 27, 2010

Crochet butterflies and flowers

Hi everyone, if you have visit my store and took a look of my tshirt, you have noticed that I embelished them with crochet flowers and butterflies.

So I want to share with all my readers the links I found to handmade  this cute accessories.
I'm far away for being an expert chocheter, but for me has being so fun and relaxing making them, I took my yarn and hooks everywhere, so when I'm waiting my older daughter to get out from school, or in her cheerleader class I took out my yarn and star crocheting like a little spider.

Links if you want to make them:
- How to crochet a flower by Little Birdie Secrets.

- How to crochet a butterflies by The little Birdie Secrets 

- Crochet Flower   by Attic24

Links if you want to buy them:

- Handmade 3 layer crochet flowers by twpmango

- Tiny crochet flowers by ViolasBoutique

Use them everywhere

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