Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mexico Lindo y Querido, we celebrate what?

Today we celebrate 200 years of the Independece Day? The truth is that to reach this point , we have no shared argument to say what exactly we are celebrating , in addition to the painful passing of 200 years . And there is no doubt that the main responsibility for this shortcoming is the federal government that failed to convincingly articulate or propose anything to rebuild the political meaning of our independence , or to provide a common understanding on the meaning of the nation we are, or suggest a reasonable project that we would be tomorrow .

And yet , Mexico still means something very valuable for the vast majority of Mexicans and we are still waiting for a common definition and a convincing argument that not only look to the past (a vivid portraits of patriotic heroes turned into soap operas, their epics that tell us almost nothing, or even to his bones moved from one place to another), but are able to tell us what we are and what we can be now and if we can really build a shared future .

For now, I think most scream tonight for reasons more personal and almost intimate. For me, be proud of be mexican who lived in a beautiful country full of amazing landscapes, to be born with the real concept of FAMILY, the center of my life. I will yell for the warmth of the people who invite you to their homes like if you were part of the family.

So at least I don't think we are celebrating freedom, independence. We are celebrating that we are proud mexicans.

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