Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday Spotlight: The Ruby Nest

Hi everyone,
   For me fridays are just great and I'm waiting this day to post this great interviews for my favorite artists.

   Today the spotlight is on The Ruby Nest.

Name: Julie Ippoliti
location: California

Her art is just amazing, a love all the messages she transmits in every brushstroke.
She reminds me my favorite art type: surrealism, that whimsical touch.

I realized we have a lot in common and this interviews are just a way to create a community of friends and artists, to be more close to those who you admire.

Come and enjoy this! 

1. Tell us about your crafts and how you came to make them

I have always enjoyed painting and coloring since I was a very little child. I usually enjoy painting on large canvases or pieces of wood as my girls tend to need room to stretch out on the canvas. I really enjoy painting over paper as it creates added texture. My dolls are made when I have a lot of extra time….they can be quite tedious but I do love them. Since I work full time I mostly paint on the weekends and sell what I can but my big dream would be to stay home and keep painting!


2. How long have you been crafting?

I have been making crafts since I could pick up the scissors: paper dolls, bookmarks, storybooks, and cards for family when I was very little and I started painting using oils originally when I was about 13.

3. How did you get started selling?

I started selling on ebay in 2007 and then moved to etsy a year or so later although I try to list on both as much as I can. Both sites have different buyers so it is helpful to try to list continuously so you don’t lose buyers that like to follow your art.

4. What does selling on Etsy mean for you?

Etsy is really unique as it is filled with so many amazing and inspiring artists. I love the camaraderie of etsy although I have to be careful because I can spend as much money as I make buying other artists beautiful work there!

5. Which colors do you use most in your work?

MMmm…colors! Each artist has their own favorite palette don’t they? I really love colors from nature; greens, yellows, browns, reds and oranges. As I rule I don’t usually use cooler colors like blue or purple except for Indian turquoise blue which is my favorite.

6. How you promote your work?

I promote my art through my blog; , through facebook; , through my etsy store; , on flickr; , and on ebay; .

7. Can you share your #1 tip for success?

My number one tip for success is never ever give up! Anyone can be successful if they put their heart and soul into their art. And, also, list and relist. The more people see your art the more your art will crawl into their hearts! : )


8. How balance your life between your creative business and your work as mom?

Balance is pretty easy most of the time as being Mom and wife, sister, daughter and friend always come first, although sometimes I do get caught up in a project and I can’t even think about dinner or homework until it is complete!

Thanks so much to Julie for sharing her lovely art and life!


  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful spotlight Mirlette! I really appreciate your support! Your work is so beautiful (I did a little post on my blog...I am in love with that Feeding the Moon!) You are a true source of inspiration! : )

  2. Nice interview :)
    Julie's work is wonderful and lovely, it's nice to know more about her.

  3. I just found this lovely blog and what a great interview! x

  4. Julie your art is so beautiful!!! I loved hearing more about you. Thanks for the reminder about never giving up! I needed to hear those words.

  5. Thank you ladies! Michelle you are so kind..I appreciate your support! xx

  6. What a wonderful interview, it is great to learn more about your artistic process Julie!! :) ~Lauren

  7. Hello, it was great to find your site via Julie's and what a great interview. I've been following her art for a while but today was my first visit here. A bit of a coincidence actually because I was making my own piece of Mexican-inspired art for the Inspiration Avenue challenge. We'd love to see something of yours on our site - just post a link to a post by 12 noon (EST) on Sunday.
    Here's the challenge post

    And this is my contribution,

    Great to meet you!

  8. Thanks everyone for all the comments, for me I feel so happy when people think that is interesting what I make... so a BIG Thank you

  9. I just love Julie and her art :0)
    Great interview!

  10. Wonderful Interview. I have been a fan of Julies for quite a while. Glad I got a chance to stop by and visit your blog~ Theresa

  11. Love Julie's work..thank you for posting this interview!



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