Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Mexican Colors updates: Touch of an angel

Turning my back to the world down below,for infinite heavens I go.
Flying high with freedom in my soul.The Angel and I,all alone in the sky,
my spirit is leaving tonight.All I leave behind's my mortal shell.

Take me to the sky. Wings of freedom take me to the home of Angels,realm of heaven.
Teach me how to fly,let me feel the touch of an Angels hand.
Take me far away.Wings of freedom take me to where souls of Gods,and men will gather.
Help me to escape,let me feel the touch of an Angel.
I am learning to fly.

Touch of an angel by mexicancolors


  1. this is so sweet! i just love all of the detail!

    xo, juliette

  2. What a special painting..your little girls must have such a wonderful picture of the truth about their protection..

    My Son's name is comforts me to know that his name means''Bezel...Protection or shadow... And El is for is true!
    And Bezaleel was the man God picked to Craft the Art for the tabernacle of God..Ex. 31.

    You might enjoy my Frida Doll I just put on my blog...

    I was born in Southern CA and my Uncle and first cousins are I have a little Mexican art in me??? I certainly have much Mexican food in me from my Aunt(Danish who make my favorite Mexican meal for my birthdays...



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